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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Divorce?

One of the most common questions couples going through a divorce have is “how much does it cost to get a divorce”?

The average cost of a divorce in the US is between $15,000-$20,000. Although legal fees and court costs can soar well over $100,000 in divorces where mediation isn’t effective in reaching an agreement, and the process ends up in court. An uncontested divorce without child custody and support issues can be much less costly.

Every divorce is different but the following 8 Factors have the greatest impact on the cost of your divorce.

  1. Your knowledge of the divorce process
  2. Your spouse’s personality
  3. If you have minor children living at home
  4. The scope and complexity of marital assets
  5. Your divorce attorney selection
  6. Knowing how to manage your divorce attorney
  7. Your judge’s reputation, predisposition or bias
  8. The method you choose to go through the divorce process
Cost to Get a Divorce

Your spouse’s personality type is only one factor that will determine the cost of your divorce, but it is one of the most important. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest taking the Difficult Spouse Test. There’s a PDF version of this test in our Divorce Protection Program.

These 8 Factors Will Determine the Cost of Your Divorce

  1. Your knowledge of the divorce process
    In this case, the old saying “knowledge is power” is very true. Understanding how the legal system works, the power of your judge, and your divorce attorney’s financial motivation, are crucial to minimizing cost, conflict, and damage to your family. You also need to avoid costly mistakes to position yourself for an optimum settlement.
  2. Your spouse’s personality
    The more difficult your spouse is the more expensive your divorce will be. Understanding their personality is crucial in assessing potential costs. Your legal fees and costs will be dramatically increased if you can’t agree on issues like child custody and child support. We teach our people multiple ways to effectively minimize the cost, conflict and damage of a divorce with a difficult spouse.
  3. If you have minor children living at home
    Not only does having minor children complicate things financially, logistically and practically but it tends to be the most emotionally charged component in divorces. Handling this aspect of your divorce to the best of your ability is in everyone’s best interest, especially your children’s. Everything that spouses are unable to agree upon outside of court, lawyers will be forced to litigate in court which will increase both legal fees and conflict.
  4. The scope and complexity of marital assets
    The more complex and diversified your assets are, the more likely you are to incur higher fees to arrive at a divorce settlement. This may include one or both of you being self-employed or owning a business. Although additional costs are inevitable in these circumstances, we show you multiple strategies to reduce costs (and losses) in this area.
  5. Your attorney selection
    Most Most people have no idea how important their selection of a divorce lawyer is. Everyone knows they want a “good” lawyer but how do you know which one is best for your particular situation? There are specific criteria that you should use when selecting an attorney, and it isn’t just using an attorney that did a good job for a friend or relative.

    We teach our people unique and proven ways to research, interview and select the best divorce lawyer for their case. This one decision could be the difference between a favorable settlement and a horrible one. It will also drastically affect your legal fees, child custody, alimony and overall settlement. See How to Find the Best Divorce Attorney to find out more.
  6. Knowing how to manage your attorney
    Regardless of whom you choose to represent you, you had better know how to manage your attorney. You need to understand how they work, how they charge, their goals for you and how they intend to achieve them. You also need to know when to say no if they start heading in a direction that would be costly and yield nothing of any real value to you. We equip our people with many highly effective ways to manage their divorce attorney. 
  7. Your judge’s reputation, predisposition or bias
    No one wants to believe it, but judges are human. And as such, they can be illogical, uncaring, overworked, tired, unethical, biased and corrupt. That fact in and of itself is difficult to accept, but when you find out the absolute power they have over you, your spouse, your family and assets, it’s downright scary.

    Do NOT walk into divorce court unprepared or you will be at the mercy of a legal process that can destroy your chances of reaching an amicable agreement with your spouse.
  8. The method you choose to go through your divorce
    Alternative dispute resolution vs going to court are very different processes. Whenever possible settle everything outside of court and have your lawyer submit the proper paperwork (usually after using a qualified mediator). A contested high conflict divorce can destroy your finances and your family. This only works if you and your spouse are able to work through the issues with compromise and reasonable level of maturity. High conflict equals high cost!

The worst and most expensive thing you can do is to enter into a divorce uneducated and unprepared for what’s ahead of you. 

The information you’ve just learned is one small component of the divorce advice you’ll find in our Divorce Protection Program. The program gives you a much fuller and detailed understanding of each of the previous subjects as well as a plethora of other topics of importance that you should know.

When most people ask, “how much does it cost to get a divorce”, they’re usually referring to the financial cost. But a high conflict divorce can cost you much more than money it can destroy your family!

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